Dogs in Training

After raisers have loved and socialized their puppies for over a year, it is time to return them to the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus for formal guide work training. This is a sad but exciting time for Raisers. We look forward to weekly phase reports of their progress. Guide Dogs customizes their training to each dog’s unique needs.  Read about Guide Dogs for the Blind Training Phase Descriptions.

Bucky:  Phase T


Phase T: Waiting for Training. Bucky was neutered on Monday, April 8 and is currently healing. As soon as he is completely healed and ready, he will be placed in a training string and begin his formal guide work. Go, Bucky!!!

Umpire:  Dogs 4 Diabetics

40% Complete
Training Phase:  C
Scent Training Phase:  7

Umpire has finished training and has been placed in a trial placement with his client, Connie. Now Team Umpire, will work for many months to achieve the necessary benchmarks to graduate from our program. Go, Umpire!!!

Training Phase C:  Maintain obedience, food refusal, and collar response. Use D4D commands only.

Scent Training Phase 7:  Dog must spontaneously alert on 80% of a client’s lows to move on to Phase 8. Trial placement with a client can take up to six months.

Team Umpire:  Connie and Umpire

Here’s the link to follow the dogs in training for D4D:

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